What exactly does the word “Boutique” mean?  The dictionary says “A business that is small and sophisticated”.  

When Corcoran Realty Group, from New York, first came to us to launch their brand in Texas, we asked, “Why us?” They said it was because we matched the culture they had created over the past 50 years, since their beginning. They also said that they are very selective in who they choose to represent their highly successful brand, only offering it to other “boutique” companies, around the world. 

So, why are we at Corcoran Ferester Realty, considered a Boutique company?  For one thing, we are smaller than the huge companies in the marketplace today.  Instead of hundreds of agents, we are very selective to only choose a handful of agents, who have a proven record of success, who are driven, empathetic to the needs of others, and team players. 

The second part of defining the word “boutique” is sophisticated, therefore, what is the definition of sophisticated?  The definition is “Proceeding from a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge.” Again, this is a defining part of our brokerage – experienced and knowledgeable in our field.

Boutique brokerages are all about personalized service – and that’s what consumers want. Boutique brokers are more often locally owned, as we are, and deliver on the personalization consumers crave far better than their one-size-fits-all competitors.

When you are looking for a great restaurant, do you choose one with the best selection, great service, good food, and where the owner is active in the business?  Also, a place that has a great ambiance and even better, a sense of community? Well, you should also look for those qualities when choosing a realtor/real estate company.

At Corcoran Ferester Realty, we are able to create a unique culture and sense of belonging in a way offices with hundreds of agents cannot.  We work as a team, helping each other navigate difficult transactions and supporting each other in every aspect of our business. 

The fact that we are a “Boutique” firm means you can count on us not just for selling homes, but being active participants in supporting the local community.  We encourage people to depend on us for more than just selling a home.  We opened Lovebeans Coffeehouse, next to our office, to serve the community and raise money for local charities.  

Teaming up with Corcoran gives our little company worldwide exposure for our clients selling or looking to purchase.  We have the best of both worlds, the human touch with worldwide connections. 

Let us know what we can do to help you!

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