The Amazing Medical Advancements

I recently had the “opportunity” (not a good opportunity) to go through the complicated medical system when we found out my husband had cancer in his left kidney.  I can tell you that it was the most complicated maze, finding the best physician and coordinating between surgeons, other specialists, and the hospital system itself.

The journey began the first week of November and was resolved the first week of March, four months later. It was frustrating and time consuming and led me to think that there should be a specialist that just advocates and coordinates these situations.  There were multiple tests, lab work, and visits to different specialists trying to confirm the original diagnosis. Around month three, we had enough and became more aggressive.   I told the physician’s office that it was a miracle my husband hadn’t passed by the time they decided what the final treatment would be.

All that said, I will say that the result was a “well-oiled machine” (The Houston medical center) that is as impressive as it is frustrating. Dozens of hospitals, thousands of employees, and billions of dollars of equipment all located within a couple of square miles of each other.  It makes one “awe-struck” to look up at all the buildings and realize how lucky we are in Houston to have such an amazing complex of medical specialties.

Finally, after months of not knowing what the outcome would be, we had our date set and were blessed with a happy ending.  And, as is with any happy ending, it helps you forget all the frustration and stress and see the miracles that are performed there every hour of every day, many with the latest technology, such as Robotic surgery that was our surgeon’s expertise.

In robotic surgery, the surgeon doesn’t really touch the patient, but rather sits at a console with his hands controlling the arms of the robotic equipment.  It is almost like a fancy video game.  The outcome is a seamless surgery and a shorter recovery time.  It leaves you amazed and bewildered at the expertise that goes into the creation of such equipment and the talented medical professionals who navigate them.  It also makes you wonder what is next on the horizon of medical breakthroughs and extremely grateful that your loved one is now free of cancer.

-Beth Ferester

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