I knew when approached by The Corcoran Group, out of New York, that IF I chose to become part of a larger, prestigious international group, Corcoran would be the one.  They shared our culture of synergy and being consumer champions, putting our clients first and foremost. Making the decision to join Corcoran in January has had great results. 

Seven of the agents and I joined other affiliates and their agents from around the world in Palm Beach this April, We realized even more that we made the right choice in joining this prestigious, international company whose mantra for fifty years has been “Live who you are”.  The words mean that we love helping people from all walks of life to find the place where they can “live who they are” from first time homebuyers to multi-million dollar buyers and sellers.  

Some things we took away from the conference included a discussion on Bitcoins and how they are influencing the real estate industry.  Our affiliates in the Bahamas and The Cayman Islands, are already buying homes with crypto currency.  Is it the way of the future?  I am not sure it is for many years, but you never know!

Other break-out sessions included discussions on how social media affects the real estate business.  We all know this is an important aspect of our business today and one we use, training all of our agents how to use social media for the best results.

We learned so many exciting things at the Conference, but the best part was the interaction with other agents from around the world and the Corcoran staff of brilliant leaders in each of their fields. 

The Corcoran Ferester group, shined brightly at the conference taking our Texas flag as we are the only company asked to represent Texas in the Corcoran network. We danced, we shopped, we laughed, we went to the beautiful beach, and we grew even closer than we were before. 

Along with all the fun we had together, I noticed how we all took care of each other, helping with bags, making sure everyone was together for the events, and helping each other with work issues that came up back home.  And, of course, for me, they all pitched in on the social media and technical skills that I am forever lacking!

Amongst all the fun, one of our agents had a family medical crisis back home.  Our group gathered and immediately changed her flight to get her home quickly, lined up an Uber for her to get to the airport and prayed for her family member to recover.  The good news is that they are doing better.

Team building is the greatest thing a group of high-achievers can do, and I will say that the entire group of Corcoran Ferester agents are always there to support each other and enjoy our times together.  I am so proud to have this magnificent group of realtors, who are the best realtors in the business and who I am proud to call my friends.

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