As I look ahead to 2024, I am formulating a robust business plan for myself and my team. My greatest joy lies in mentoring agents to be not just ordinary but extraordinary. Our company resembles a family, with Bob and me as the “parents,” guiding our team through each challenge, preparing them for the future.

Recently, all my daughters gathered at our home, and we decided to create a video asking them about their younger years and how I influenced the direction they chose in their lives. There were numerous thoughts and laughs, reminiscing about their formative years. The foremost revelation was that they were all taught to be strong, independent women. Helping my agents become strong, independent professionals is my focal point for the upcoming year.

Whether new or established, each year brings different challenges, and in my opinion, 2024 will require a “grassroots” approach to elevate their businesses. My career began with grassroots marketing and practices, including getting to know the market by walking through neighborhoods and introducing myself. I even published a cookbook titled “Cooking with Interest and Appreciation,” a keepsake that reflected my expertise and resonated with mothers raising their children.

Being new to Houston and Spring, I slowly developed my sphere of influence. This is the primary lesson I impart to my agents – building their own sphere of business and confidently asking for it. Making a lasting impression on people and clients is crucial. Once the business chain starts, it grows. In the “old days” of real estate, we called it “farming,” akin to planting seeds that grow into bountiful crops.

Building my sphere each year remains a practice in my personal real estate business and in recruiting new and experienced agents at Corcoran Ferester. New agents benefit from hands-on training, while experienced ones find our expertise essential for reaching higher levels of success.

Providing the highest level of service to clients and agents remains my top priority for 2024. Our marketplace experience, coupled with Corcoran’s high-tech tools and genuine care for affiliates, will propel us to the highest levels of success.

 By: Beth Ferester





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